Imbibe Inner Beauty Must-Have
Imbibe Inner Beauty Must-Have
Imbibe Inner Beauty Must-Have
Imbibe Inner Beauty Must-Have
Imbibe Inner Beauty Must-Have
Imbibe Inner Beauty Must-Have

Ingestible Beauty- IMBIBE

Imbibe Inner Beauty Must-Have

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  • Gut Health
  • Collagen Production
  • Digestion and Bloating
  • Hair, Skin and Nail Strength

 Our Ingestible Beauty range has been scientifically formulated to nourish your gut health while creating thriving, radiant, hair, skin and nails.

Beauty Renewal is a Probiotic Concentrate formulated for cellular hydration, gut health and microbial diversity, while Miracle Collagen is clinically shown to actively stimulate collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkle depth and promote skin elasticity and strengthen hair, skin and nails. Our best-selling bundle works together to nurture your overall health, vitality and glow. Use synergistically for best results.



As we age, our collagen production naturally and steadily declines, leading to dull, flat, listless skin that is truly in need of plumped and restored luminosity.

Our Bioactive Collagen Peptides are clinically shown to activate within the skin matrix, reducing wrinkle depth, increasing skin elasticity, and significantly impacting both hair thickness and structure to prevent damage and loss.

And this is why we call it Miracle Collagen.

With a low Molecular Weight of 2 kilo daltons (2kDA), these bioactive, bioavailable collagen peptides deliver 18 essential and non-essential amino acids to the body, providing critical elements necessary for gut repair, cellular rejuvenation and redefining skins appearance.

This next-generation combination of bioavailable collagen peptides are also clinically shown to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen and to help redefine the smoothest, bounciest, most radiant-looking skin.

Flooding cells with skin hydrating and gut nourishing properties, our Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate is expert-formulated to provide active probiotics, hydrating nutrients and naturally occurring antioxidants to help fight free-radical damage and populate the gut with beneficial bacteria.

Eight strains of fermented probiotics are scientifically curated by our team of microbiologists to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, combat bloating, and to help create beautiful, dewy-looking skin by reviving and nourishing cells.

Countering imbalances in the digestive system caused by stress, sugar, processed foods and alcohol, this concentration is formulated to promote microbial balance, improve gut health and to create glowing skin with whole food ingredients including: pomegranate, elderberry and grape seed.

Our Beauty Renewal contains the goodness of approximately six-billion, multi-strain probiotics per 15mL serving size. Simply pour and add to water, for that gorgeous gut health, skin glow and lit-from-within pick-me-up.

The Inner Beauty Must-Have includes:

  • 1 x 100 grams Miracle Collagen powder ($40.00)
  • 1 x 500 ml Beauty Renewal Liquid ($44.00)

TOTAL: $84.00 $80.00


Miracle Collagen: 

Shake well before use to activate. Add approximately 1 metric teaspoon to any hot or cold food or beverage and take daily. Double dose for accelerated benefits! Can be added to hot drinks and will not lose potency. Fully dissolvable in hot or cold liquids and tasteless and odourless. Refrigerate after opening. Keep lid screwed on tight. Use dry clean spoon.

Beauty Renewal:

Add 15ml (approx 1 tbsp) to 250ml water and drink daily. Refrigerate once open and enjoy within 90 days. Store under 30° C.


  • Fillers and flavours
  • Low quality hydrolysed protein
  • Factory farmed animals (including factory farmed fish)Organic fruit and vegetable powders claiming to be collagen
  • Gluggy and horrible tasting and smelling collagen
  • Harsh flavours and fillers which can cause bloating and upset tummy
  • Preservatives, sulfides, peroxides, flavours and additives 
  • Shellfish
  • Lactose