By Clara Short

Got Maskne? Here Are Some Products To Help It Disappear

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to households. Skin issues have flared up for many people with the increased use of masks. Did you know that in a survey of 1,000 women in 2020, almost 80% reported higher skin issues since the pandemic? 

Many people are dealing with what has now been dubbed "maskne." If you are struggling with mask acne, then you have probably tried a variety of products to no avail. 

This guide is for you - keep reading more for helpful tips and tricks to deal with maskne. 

What Is Maskne?

Is maskne its own diagnosis or does it fall under the category of acne? Technically, it is just another form of acne but is more localized to your nose, chin, and cheeks. You guessed it - all the areas that your mask rubs up against.

Masks create friction and pressure on certain areas of your face which fuels a breeding ground for your pores to get clogged up. While masks are great at preventing harmful airborne viruses (such as COVID-19) from coming in - it also prevents your skin from properly breathing. 

Some people also get irritation when they are sweating under their masks. This is more commonly seen in athletes or workers who are wearing a mask all day. If you are a healthcare worker - you have probably noticed how hot and sweaty your face can be at the end of a long workday. 

As you are breathing and working, the humidity builds up behind the mask and essentially clogs up your pores. This usually leads to blackheads. 


So, what are some techniques for treating maskne? First, you can take note of the masks you are wearing. This means if you wear a cloth mask - you should regularly clean it.

If you wear disposable surgical masks, then make sure you replace them frequently. 

Finally, many people are actually overdoing it when removing maskne. If you see acne spots or blackheads pop up - your first instinct could be to try every aggressive product you have at home to cleanse your face. 

While those products have their time and place - over scrubbing your face leads to more issues. 

If you want to have a professional team give you the best treatment, then check out a qualified salon. They use top products and cleansers to make your skin feel rejuvenated. You also get to spend some time pampering yourself, which is never a bad idea. 

If you want to tackle your acne on your own there are other at-home products out there. You should use a gentle facial cleanser and moisturizer daily. Check out products that have active ingredients for your skin to make sure you are only giving it the best care and treatment. 

Finding the right products can make all the difference. If you are unsure of your skin type, then look for starter products that work for all skin types.

Find Your Product

Your skin deserves your time and attention. When you are dealing with maskne, don't let dozens of other harmful cleansers dry out your skin and cause more problems.

Check out our line of skincare products that are gentle on your face and will give you back that flawless skin. Take the skin quiz to start your new skin journey today!